How a Nigerian Single-mom survives the Economic Impacts of the Pandemic by Spending less on a Regular Household Product

The ONLY proven way to minimize your current expenses on your regular household product without feeling sorry for yourself…

It has never been easy for me as a single mom to take care of my 2 daughters since I lost my job in January.

My side hustle wasn't doing well too.

This made me think of several ways to reduce my everyday expenses in order to adjust to the current challenging economic trends.

Everyday I woke up to new hikes in the prices of regular food items and products. It seemed there was no hope for survival for the average Nigerian.

It seemed life itself was against me.

I began to search for multipurpose household products

Whenever I go to the market, I begin to ask for cheaper substitutes to the popular brands I used to patronize. I often went as far as seeking for a product that can serve several purposes in my home.

Then on one of such research, I stumbled on a phenomenal product….

I discovered a multipurpose cleaning agent that I can use for almost EVERYTHING in my home..

This cleaning agent has the power of 13 different house cleaning agents contained in a very portable and attractive bottle.

Use 1 Bottle for 13 Different Purposes in your Home

This magical MPD(multi purpose detergent) has proved to be a life saver for me in these trying times.

I no longer have to worry about buying a different soap/ cleaning agent for washing my clothes, cleaning windows, washing my car, cleaning the bathroom, washing the plates, and so forth.

The Forever Aloe MPD 2x Ultra takes care of all my household cleaning needs like a magician while helping me save so much money for other important needs in my family.

I'm sharing this with you because I want you to save more and get 3x the results your current different cleaning agents give you, with one magical bottle of the Forever Aloe MPD 2x Ultra detergent.

This is simply me sharing my own little secret with you on how I and my family have been saving costs from buying several different cleaning agents for different purposes and buying them regularly, by getting just 1bottle that does it all for SEVERAL months.

Why Buy Many Cleaning Agents when One Will Do it all for You?

The Forever Aloe MPD 2x Ultra is an all-purpose detergent that is absolutely perfect for tackling stubborn stains in your favorite clothes, on all your household utensils and surfaces, and it's also perfect for washing your pets.​

It also serves as a stain removal for clothes. The Forever Aloe MPD can be used to wipe off those difficult stains in your bathroom and on your tiles. You can also use a drop of Aloe MPD in taking off oil and other stains from your carpets.​

Whether you need a detergent, a window cleaning agent, a stain remover, a toilet and bathroom cleaner, it's all in this magic bottle…

Guess what? Before I came across this product, I used to have a cupboard full of different cleaning agents for different purposes. I was so thrilled when I began to put MPD to use.

The money that I've saved alone since I bought this product is almost unbelievable.

You know why?

It's so concentrated and you need just a small amount to get any of your cleaning done. Apart from that, the way it can be used for almost everything in my house is truly remarkable.

The reason I keep talking more about this product is because I have seen it actually work wonders for me. And I believe it's the most economically friendly detergent solution that every Nigerian home needs to have a bottle of.

Reduce Money spent on detergent by 70% because One bottle of MPD equals 13 bottles of different cleaning agents x 47 bottles of each of them

Due to it's highly concentrated formula, a drop of it can actually be used for several clothes and household items.

The high concentration allows you to use just a very small amount for equal performance as you would use a full dose of your current cleaning agents.

For a normal amount of washing, you only need ½ a cup of MPD to wash. MPD is not just made to serve general uses in your home for at least 3 months, it's also gentle to the fibre of your favorite clothes. It doesn't contain any bleaches. So you don't have to worry about losing your favorite clothes.

Two drops are enough for a very greasy fry pan. Just allow MPD to work and brush it off later. This is Ideal for people like me who hate doing the dishes.

For cleaning the tiles, kitchen surfaces, windows, mirrors ,sinks , toilets and cleaning the car, just drop 1 cup of MPD in a 5 litres gallon of water and you can use it to clean whatever you want.

Don't try to use beyond the recommended quantity, so as to get maximum results.

As a stain remover for clothes, you don't need to wait for long hours to get those stubborn stains from your favorite clothes. With MPD, there is no need to soak clothes to remove hard stains.

Just dab a little bit of MPD in that spot, rub it into the clothes, and just leave in the water for five minutes, then you wash it off. You don't really need to wait for long anymore.

Leaves your Hands feeling Soft and Gentle after regular Cleaning

Another reason why MPD is so ideal for every Nigerian home is because it has this gentle formula that has skin conditioning benefits, from the Aloe Vera it contains. You don't have to worry about dealing with skin conditions like cracks or dry skin after using it. It leaves your hands feeling really soft and smooth.

I know you may be thinking that this may affect its ability to wipe off difficult stains. No it doesn't. Even though it's mild on your hands and clothes, it's such a very powerful detergent but it's mild and gentle where it needs to be.

Are you the type who is allergic to strong smells from the chemicals in your regular cleaning agents? The MPD is perfect for you. It doesn't give a strong smell that is unhealthy to breathe. It has a really faint and pleasant smell that leaves your home smelling really fresh.

Helps to Preserve Your Environment from Damage

The MPD is completely environmentally-friendly. It doesn't contain phosphate like other cleaning agents . Using MPD prevents our water from getting concentrated with phosphate. Hence, having a bottle of MPD in your home for cleaning, can help you contribute to keeping your environment toxic-free and safe.

Why should you consider getting this detergent?

This detergent is produced by a world-class brand called the Forever Living Products. Millions of households have come to trust Forever Living Products as the best brand for household, beauty and healthcare products since 1978.

So, this MPD is a product that has actually worked in several homes across the world.

Imagine having a bottle of detergent that meets all the cleaning needs in your house and completely eliminates frequent trips to the market to get a new set of detergent, every 2 -3 weeks.

A diluted mixture of 20ml MPD and 500ml of water will give you 47 refills.

47 bottles of your regular spray cleaners will cost an average of #43,000

The Forever Aloe MPD 2x Ultra

Is designed to be…

The Cheapest and most effective way to take care of all your household cleaning needs and make you Save more money on other important needs in your home.

This product will normally cost #43,000 since it's an equivalent of 43 bottles of regular cleaning agents.

But it's not. It actually comes at a price that will amaze you.

It costs just #30,000

Imagine taking care of all your cleaning needs for an average of 3 months with just #30,000

That's you saving #13,000 on cleaning agents every 3 months and more…

Imagine what saving #13,000 can help you get to your home. Maybe taking care of Dstv bills for 3 months, maybe filling your cooking gas for 3 months, the possibilities are endless.

You are not even paying 30K for this magical bottle of detergent.

You are getting it for #30,000 #15,000 only.

Get 1Bottle for a discount price of N15,000

Get 2Bottles at a discount price of N25,000​

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Here is what satisfied Customers around the world are saying

'This is one product that definitely lives up to its name.'

— Mrs Tracy George  —

'Mosquitoes, ants, even roaches are dealt with accordingly with the use of my MPD solution. One of its primary uses is of course for laundry and because it is concentrated a full cap of MPD is enough for a full load of a standard washing machine.'

— Mrs Ann Walter —

'When they said multi - purpose, they were not kidding! Aloe MPD or Multi Purpose Detergent is one FLP product that was an instant hit with many of my relatives in Canada. Used as a solution diluted in clean purified water, it makes an effective spray surface cleaner for countertops, tables, and a dishwashing liquid that can easily cut through grease.

— Mrs Mercy —

Perfect for my clothes. Smells refreshing. You’re certain that your clothes are clean and sanitized gently.

— Mr Nathan —

Due to its high demand, and limited supply, only limited stock of the detergent is currently available. It's wise for you to get yours quickly now before it runs out of stock.

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Would it be okay for you to save some extra money and replace all of your existing cleaning agents with a product which takes care of all the cleaning needs in your home and that lasts for many months due to its highly effective cleaning power?

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